Tips For Creating Awesome Sausage

If you are like me, you love a great piece of sausage. This meaty treat can go with spaghettis, on a roll with chili and onions or simply stab it with a fork and go to town. When it comes to sausage there is no wrong way to eat it. So, the big question is what’s the secret to making sausage?

Where does sausage come from?

Sausage is a general term used for cured and prepared meats that are stuffed into a tubular casing. Traditionally sausage was made as a way to preserve meat, which would typically go into the ground in the winter months. The fermented meat product is said to date back to 400 BC in China with two of the earliest food references found in ancient Greece and Rome.

What can go into a sausage?

Besides meat, you can pretty much add whatever you want to sausages. You might find garlic, allspice or chives – just make sure whatever is added will complement the other flavors in the sausage. There are many different types of sausage including hotdogs, bangers, venison and lamb varieties; each one having a different flavor. Some people will even make their own sausage, which is awesome!

making sausage

Where to buy sausage?

You can always purchase fresh or smoked sausages from your local butcher. They are also available at most grocery stores in the meat department. Many people who enjoy making their own foods might choose to create their own homemade sausage.

How is sausage made?

When making sausage, one needs to start with good meat; usually pork, beef or game meats like venison work best. You can also make sausages out of chicken. The meat is ground by running the meat through a grinder – this can be done manually or through electric grinders. Once the meat is ground, it’s soaked in salt water for approximately 20 minutes to draw the moisture out. Next, dried spices are added and mixed thoroughly until the flavor is evenly dispersed. After the spices are mixed in, it’s time to stuff the meat into a casing – you can either buy natural casings or use synthetic ones. The sausage is then cooked and allowed to cool before being served.