Go Ride A Bike And Leave The Car At Home

summer bike rental

Go ride a bike and leave the car at home. You get more right than you would have thought if you do that. By riding to and from work or to the mall, you are becoming healthier by the day. But no doubt you are still required to watch the traffic. That is a poor pity and work still needs to be done in this area. But by cycling there and back, you are also making a solid contribution towards lowering your city or county’s carbon footprint.

You are the latest embodiment of the clean air act. Air becomes cleaner by the day and the green environment is able to breathe once more. Or so it should go. Yes, there is still a way to go. Dare it be said that it is bicycle steps forward. One pedal cycle at a time and sooner rather than later, progress will have been made. Those of you still stuck in a rut but thankfully relying more on public transport networks that at least function, can also enjoy a breath of fresh air every once in a while.

Rather than mope away another boring weekend get yourself into gear with a summer bike rental. This is the one occasion where you are permitted to pull the car out of the garage. You are not hanging around and you are taking a long trip into the countryside. Yes, you could do this even. Make this your summer vacation second to none and go explore the mountain trails, those made available to biking fanatics.

It is a bit extreme to begin with but you get the hang of it all once you have trained up. But still; go ride a bike and leave the car at home.