3 Essential Industries That Use Hydraulic Power

For the essential services we use daily to run smoothly, there needs to be a lot of work being done behind the scenes.  And the simple fact is that most of these processes would not be able to function without hydraulic power.

Check out the three essential industries that require hydraulic power to ensure that you can meet your day-to-day needs.

hydraulic power unit

# 1
– Mining Industry

Mining is one of the most important industries to use hydraulic power because, without it, there would be no way to mine the essential metals necessary to run our modern world. To dig so far below the surface, high-pressure water must be used to blast through rock and dirt.

And, of course, the only way to get the pressurized water system needed for heavy-duty mining is with a hydraulic power unit. Hydraulic power is also used to run chippers, loaders, nuclear equipment, drills, trenching machines, and a whole host of other mining machinery.

# 2
– Farming Industry

Without hydraulics, farmers wouldn’t be able to get all of their essential work done. For example, hydraulic systems allow for high-speed and powerful irrigation pumps to supply water at very high pressures for crops to grow properly.

Hydraulics also allows a farmer to hover over fields harvesting crops with aerial machinery instead of traditional hand labor. Hydraulic systems are also used to pump pesticides, collect animal waste and even provide the strength needed to transport harvested crops all over the country.

# 3
– Transportation Industry

Another essential industry that requires hydraulic power is the transportation industry. Hydraulic systems are used to move massive loads from point A to B, some of which weigh upwards of 100 tons. Without powerful hydraulics to assist in the transportation process, these loads would literally be impossible to transport.

So for all of these different industries to run smoothly and provide us with the services we need every day, hydraulic power must be used to do their jobs successfully.